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About Us: Programs

About Us


Program Standards: State Certifications

CBCDC is licensed by the SC Department of Social Services. The re-licensing process is repeated every two years and includes visits from the department of Health and Environmental Control and the State Fire Marshal. Unannounced visits are conducted by DSS to ensure consistent adherence to state standards.


CBCDC provides a ministry through Chapin Baptist Church by offering quality childcare in a safe and loving environment.  We promote opportunities for the children to participate in developmentally appropriate activities in a Christian atmosphere.  The overall vision for our program is to develop children to reach their full potential in the following areas:  spiritual, physical, social, emotional and cognitive development.

Program Standards: Enhanced Care

Chapin Baptist CDC is currently a ABC level A+ center.

In addition to being licensed, child care providers can choose to be rated as well.  Providers who enroll in the ABC Quality Rating and Improvement System meet higher quality standards that go beyond Licensing requirements to achieve their rating, including standards for nutrition and physical activities. 


For more information, Please visit ABC's website Here.

About Us: Our Mission

DSS Licensing Info

950 Old Lexington Highway

Chapin, SC 29036

PO Box 640

Lexington County

(803) 345-1156


Permit Type & Number: License #12861

Permit Issued Date: 10/15/2018

Permit Expiration Date: 10/15/2020

Operator: Melanie Adeline Butler

Facility Type: Child Care Center

Facility Capacity: 376

Facility Hours:M-F, 7:00a-6:00p


DSS Specialist: Ebony Jenkins

DSS Specialist Phone #:(803) 898-9001



About Us: Programs

Safety is our First Priority

The only thing more important than the development of your child is his or her safety. To ensure the safety, security and well-being of the children in our care at Chapin Baptist Child Development Center, we have procedures and standards in place to cover pick-up and drop-off, visitors, equipment and furniture safety, and more. These procedures are periodically reviewed and updated to make certain they reflect the most current safety and security technology and practices.


Pick-Up and Drop-Off

A designated drop off screening area will be in place at the front doors of the center from 7:00 a.m.- 9:30 a.m. Parents will be instructed where to stand while waiting on their child to be screened.  Social distancing markers will be displayed on the sidewalk to keep individuals at least 6 feet from others at all times while in line for drop off.  Parents will not be allowed to enter the facility.  

Children must be screened before entering the center and be free from COVID-19 symptoms.

The screening area will have a hand hygiene station for children to use hand sanitizer before entering the facility.

Infants can remain in their car seat during drop off.  Car seats must be labeled with child’s name.  Car seats will be stored in a safe place until pick up. 

Staff will walk children to their classroom.

Doors to the facility will be locked at all times.



Currently no visitors are allowed into Chapin Baptist CDC. 

Notify teachers on Brightwheel 15 minutes before arrival at the center.  Staff will escort your child to the front lobby with any items that go home with them.  Staff will meet parents at the entrance and dismiss children to the parents waiting in the social distancing line.

Pick Up Proceedures

Daily Health Screenings

Families and staff will be required to complete a daily health screening process before entering the center.  Children and staff will have their temperatures checked before entering the center. Children’s temperatures will continue to be monitored and documented every 2 hours throughout the day. 

Children or staff with a fever of more than 100.4 must remain out of the center for 48 hours after the fever has broken without fever reducing medications.  We will not allow a medical note for returning before the 48 hours due to the potential risk of COVID-19.

Children or staff showing any concerning signs of respiratory issues:  excessive coughing, tugging in the chest, wheezing, shortness of breath, etc., will be sent home and may not return without a medical note stating that they are not contagious.

Medical Standards

Each staff member of Chapin Baptist CDC must provide evidence of good health with a signed physical examination, tuberculosis test and other state-mandated requirements. All medical records are periodically updated. Staff members do not work if they are ill.
As for the children, we maintain a complete medical record of immunizations and physicals for each child in our care. Pertinent health histories (such as allergies, chronic conditions or susceptibilities) are also required. All health records, immunization records and emergency contacts are kept up to date and easily accessible in case of emergency.


Our Commitment to Cleaning

We take very seriously the well-being of your child and work hard to provide an environment that is clean and healthy. The Health and Safety section of our handbook has very specific procedures and requirements concerning cleanliness and preventing the spread of germs.

Hand Washing


Hand washing is the single most effective practice in preventing the spread of germs. Teachers are required to wash their own hands, as well as the hands of a child using described procedures, before and/or after engaging in a thorough list of activities.

Cleaning and Disinfecting

Chapin Baptist CDC staff thoroughly cleans surfaces that children come in close contact with. In addition, many surfaces, including bathroom surfaces, are disinfected in a prescribed way. Toys that children put into their mouths are also cleaned and disinfected between uses. Water Play tables are disinfected before being filled with water and carefully supervised when in use.

Be Well Care Well

Breast Friendly Child Care Center

Child care providers need support.

These professionals have a job that is critical in two profound ways – one that impacts our society right now (so parents can go back to work), and one that shapes our society in the future as they nurture the developing brain and whole child. They can struggle to find time to take care of themselves in the midst of juggling the demands of taking care of others.

Caring for, nurturing, and providing a stable environment for children all day, every day takes a great deal of energy and it can be difficult to recharge. Caregivers who are experiencing high levels of stress, depression, and anxiety are less likely to have positive, supportive interactions with children and are more likely to expel a child from the preschool program.

Learn More: HERE

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